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Is wastage ruining your restaurant business? Struggling to keep track of your orders? Would you be interested to have a software that manages all your orders and bills avoiding wastages? Then here is a one-stop solution for your restaurant business. ecBill, the restaurant billing software in Andaman is a wonderful invention of ECSOFT. The company is based out of Chennai and available at Andaman where restaurants serve as the major income of the country.

The restaurant billing system is developed with you in mind. Yes, you heard it right. When developers sat together to discuss a solution for the problems in the restaurant business, they had you in mind. The experts were planning to discover a one-stop solution for the business that it may serve generations together and they ended up with a brilliant invention called the ecBill.

What is so special about ecBill?

There are ample POS systems especially designed to serve restaurants but not all are up to the mark. Nor do they serve the needs of the restaurant. With years of experience, experts at ECSOFT wanted to find a cutting-edge design and solution that works the best for restaurants.

The biggest issue that most restaurants face is food wastage. Restaurant tried various ways to stop this but ended up in anxiety. Gathering all the requirements of restaurant owners, our team of experts designed a software that works both as a POS system and Best Billing Software For Restaurant that avoids wastage.

KOT (Kitchen Order Token) is a wonderful invention of ECSOFT. The KOT/ Restaurant Billing Management System helps customers to place their orders using the mobile device placed on their table. As soon the orders are confirmed on the software, the orders are received on the other end at the kitchen. Meanwhile, if the customer changes his/her mind to transfer the table, cancel the order or make the final bill, everything can be managed using the software available on the restaurant’s mobile device.

The Restaurant Billing System helps owners to decide on a profitable menu by gathering instant reports on the bestselling and non-moving dishes. This has reduced wastage to a certain level and improved sales as well. The software also helped restaurant owners in managing their online orders directly from the Restaurant Billing Management System and avoid paper orders. This helped the restaurant kitchen to be maintained neater than ever.

Are you running a large restaurant business?

We offer hassle-free solutions tailor-made to fit your budget and meet the needs of your restaurant business. We offer a demo on Restaurant Billing Software just for you. You can try our restaurant billing management software and know how good it works for your business.

The software is designed in a way that anyone can access it with an ease. The software is also accessible from anywhere. The designers of the software had the best idea in their mind and that is how they have designed ecBill. The user experience is so smooth that there is no struggle even when the orders are packed tight. The software allows access to cloud storage, this greatly helps and prevents restaurant systems from getting flooded with data.

What do you wait for? Call us right now and book your demo software and experience the best restaurant billing software ever.

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