Manage your inventory management system on the go

Aug 31, 2021


In supply chain management, inventory management refers to the goal of having the exact amount of the right products in stock when it's time to sell them. A business can reduce the costs of carrying excess inventory while increasing sales by using effective inventory management. Tracking your inventory in real-time can streamline these processes through good inventory management.

Characteristics of a good inventory management system:

·         Increase the bottom line of your business by reducing costs, improving cash flow, and improving cash flow

·         Real-time inventory tracking

·         Improve your forecasting abilities

·         Produce the right amount of product to prevent shortages

·         Ensure there aren't excess stocks or raw materials

·         Help analyze inventory across all devices

·         Ensure that you have accessibility right from the retail point-of-sale

·         Increase employee productivity by optimizing warehouse organization

·         Speed up the intake process by offering quick and painless bar code scanning

·         Manage inventory in multiple locations and warehouses at the same time

6 best apps to manage inventory management on the go:

Stock Control:

With stock control, you can perform searches, organize your stocks, and get alerts about shortages. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and comes with optional in-app purchases.

Business Inventory:

An inventory management app for tracking orders, sales, deliveries, and product levels. Some of the key features of Business Inventory include the ability to capture product images using your phone camera, barcode support, and exporting data via email or spreadsheet. Currently, this app is only available for iOS. It costs just 99 cents.


The software performs multiple tasks simultaneously and reduces the burden on the users. Globally mobile owners can access their bills easily with this software. It has almost all the functionalities required for a business professional, including cloud integration, billing, and reporting. Hence, it is also considered a personal assistant that assists business runners in managing their bills.

On Shelf:

The inventory management app enables users to sync data between their iPad and the barcode reader built into the device is perfect for small businesses. This software offers product-level sales and order histories, a barcode reader, a color-coded inventory system, and more. It costs only $4.99 on iTunes.


This isn't about vegetables, but lettuce can be healthy for your company. It's not just an inventory app. The app integrates other systems, such as payment processing, order capture, shipping, tracking, and customer relationship management, according to Amy Gahran. Mobility is also seamless with the app's cloud-based web app. From user setup to accessing records, you can easily switch between iPad and computer. While the cost is more of an investment, it is still relatively affordable for such a robust app: $59 per month, plus $25 per user.

Wrap up:

With these inventory management apps, you can manage all your stocks more efficiently than ever. These apps make it simpler and more mobile for your business. You can now access your business and its stocks anywhere and at any time. And leave behind the fear of missing any important administration needs.

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